Wednesday, 9 November 2011

November 8, 2011

Hey Family!

So Transfer calls were made this morning, I am staying in this area another transfer with sister Ah Chookoon. Really no surprise there. I really think I will be transferred out NEXT transfer (which is 3 days before christmas!) haha, I bet it will happen. Well, the saddest part of my week was sister Cluff leaving on saturday. We had to drop her off at the airport, and It gave me more sympathy for mom and dad because it was SO sad dropping her off, watching her walk away, and then just driving away and carrying on with the work. I miss her a lot. We were together for a REALLY long time, and its weird not being with her any longer. Its also weird because I put so much effort into that relationship, and now she is just gone. Seems like all that effort was a waste. Haha, I know it wasn't it. But its been surprisingly hard having her leave. But I'm happy I'm with Sister Ah chookoon, she is super nice. So this should be a good transfer.

We had the BEST lesson with Liz and Victor this week. It was one of the highlights of my week. We were talking to liz about if the Book of Mormon is true, and she realized that she was scared to really know if the Book was true, because that would mean she has been "wrong" in her beliefs her whole life. But then Victor started talking to her and saying what a blessing the book of mormon is. And how he KNOWS its true, and how good it makes both of them feel, and he helped her get over her concern. Then we talked to victor about baptism, and he said he didn't know if that would happen "anytime soon", and liz turns to him and asks, "why not?" and she goes off on how he shouldn't listen to what his parents say (his mom told him that he wouldn't be able to commit to the church) and she said that he was a husband and father and should do what’s best for there family, and she said she would support him no matter his decision. And it was just so awesome to listen to this couple come together and resolve one anothers concerns. Because both of them are at different stages of the "conversion process" but they were able to help one another. and I pray that they will continue to do so! So hopefully next time I email you all they will have a date!

We are also teaching a man named Wayne and his daughter Patty. Have I mentioned them before? Wayne was a former investigator and is Hilarious. Lessons with him are always interesting because he will say comments and questions just to see our reactions. Its his favorite thing to do. And surprisingly we get along really well. Its always fun teaching him because sometimes I'm shocked at the things that I say. Sounds weird I know. but as I follow the spirit, I will ask him very bold, very direct questions. I think its good for him though because he needs to really think about what it means if this church is true. Right now he says he KNOWS this is true, that Joseph Smith is a Prophet, the book of mormon is true, that Thomas monson is a prophet, but he still won't be baptized. He needs "fellowship" and he wants to know EVERYTHING before he is baptized. It hard because he is basing his testimony off of logical information, and won't pray because he "already knows everything is true." So we are really trying to focus on letting him listen to, and follow the spirit.

So on friday sister Cluff had departure activities (basically everyone leaving plus the mission president go to the temple, have lunch have interviews and a last lesson), but I went to go pick sister Cluff up, and I walked inside the mission home and I just felt sick to my stomach. It was So weird seeing all these missionaries going home, and I imagined myself in there shoes and I NEVER want to go home! Don't get me wrong, I love and miss all of you. But I LOVE being a missionary. It can be really hard sometimes, but it is so worth it. Its the best thing I have ever done, and I'm SO happy I still have basically a year left! haha!

Mmm...well I can't really think of much else to say! I hope you all had a good week! And I hope your next week is even better! I love you all SO much, and I would LOVE to hear from all of you!

Love you lots!

-Sister Lee-

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